The Early Days

The Phoenix Storm was formed in 2004. It started with just a few guys, word of mouth, and a public Yahoo Group Page. The team was established as an “inclusive, and diverse rugby club”. Today, the Phoenix Storm are a valued member of the Arizona Rugby Union and one of the only Arizona rugby clubs that regularly tour outside of Arizona and overseas. We have come a long way since those early days, and yet we continually welcome new guys into our rugby brotherhood, and introduce them to one of the toughest, yet most rewarding sports that exist.


The Phoenix Storm played their very first match against the San Diego Armada. The Storm also gained Associate Membership into the Arizona Rugby Union and began to have scheduled matches against ‘traditional’ rugby clubs.


The Phoenix Storm participated for the very first time in 2006 at the Bingham Cup in New York City. Bingham Cup is an international Championship tournament contested every 2 years in various world cities.

In 2007 the Phoenix Storm ventured to Seattle, WA to participate in the Magnitude 15s tournament sponsored by the Seattle Quake. The Storm returned to Seattle in 2009 to participate at Magnitude once again.

The Storm travelled on their first international tour in 2008 as they once again competed at The Bingham Cup, this time held in Dublin Ireland. This was a tremendous experience, playing on the green, if not muddy fields of Ireland.


This year proved to be a turning point for the Storm.  The Storm had a new Head Coach and a challenging schedule of local matches and a clear goal to win hardware at Bingham Cup.

Coach Fortey lead the Storm up to Minneapolis and Bingham Cup 2010, however this time, the Storm was not content to simply participate at the championship, the Storm was intent on winning their division. The Storm raged across the fields in Minneapolis, and brought home the Tier Two Championship, The Bingham Crest after 3 hard fought days of rugby against international competition. But more than that, the Storm brought home well-earned respect, from clubs abroad as well as locally in Arizona who more than ever, began to take notice of the ‘storm’ that was brewing in the desert.


The Storm, with a solid group of returning veterans, and some great rookies, picked up where 2010 left off.  During the local Arizona Rugby Union season the Storm achieved its first victory, ever, against a traditional rugby club. It was a 12-10 hard fought win over the Yuma Sidewinders at a local tournament.The Storm traveled to the state of Texas for the first time in order to participate in the Hellfest Tournament sponsored by the Dallas Diablos. The Storm picked up several wins before dropping the semi-final to the host Dallas Diablos.

The Storm finished the season strong by making the trip to Seattle once again for Magnitude, and coming home with the Bowl Championship after having won it, by a score of 13-10, in a thrilling sudden-death overtime victory against the SF Fog B side.


The Storm went international once again! Bingham Cup 2012 held in Manchester England was the destination. The Phoenix Storm contributed 10 players and joined forces with 9 players from our rivals, the Minneapolis Mayhem. The combined team took to the pitches of England as The Maelstrom. The team was promoted to compete in the Premier Division. It was a great challenge for the guys, playing strong sides from Sydney Australia and Dublin Ireland to name a few. Ultimately, the team lost the Bingham Shield Semi-Final to a tough side from Chicago. But once again, Bingham Cup proved to be a memorable experience.

2013 and Beyond

We invite any and all to get involved with rugby for the upcoming season(s). The 2013 season is still being put together, but we hope to have plenty of rugby action to offer. We will begin in the fall of 2012 with some local matches against both in-state and maybe some out-of-state clubs . Maybe even a road trip or two. In early 2013 we will have our usual slate of Arizona Rugby Union matches and will plan to head north to Seattle once again and defend our Bowl Championship at Magnitude.

We always welcome rookies each and every season. If you’d like to learn more, use the Contacts menu option and send a note to our Head Coach for more information. Also, be alert on our website for events such as Rugby Bootcamp, Summer Fitness, or other social events. Come on out and see why Rugby is the fastest growing sport in America today, and also one of the largest sports in the LGBT community.

Down Under Tour – Sydney Australia

In 2014, our international tour will be to Sydney Australia to participate in the Bingham Cup Championships. We’d love to have you all WITH US on that trip…literally. JOIN NOW and play this great sport this season and be ready to travel Down Under with us in 2014!